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Chandail Needlework
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Painted Canvas > Animals > Bunnies
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PC-Be Happy 12" x 10" 18M


PC-Brown Rabbit behind Flowers 18M


PC-Bunny Blue Background 3x3" 13M


PC-Bunny Green Circles Background 3x3" 13M


PC-Bunny Green Swirls Background 3x3" 13M


PC-Bunny Smiles - Yellow with SG 18M


PC-Bunny Smiles-Lavender with SG 18M


PC-Bunny with Blue Bow 18M


PC-Bunny with floral crown 3.5" x3.5" 18M


PC-Bunny with Flower Crown on Pink Gingham 18M


PC-Bunny with Tulip on Blue Gingham


PC-Bunny Yellow Background 3" x 3" 13M


PC-Durer Rabbit 2221 13Mesh


PC-Fishnet Bunnies w/Heart and Ribbon 18M


PC-Garden Bunny 6" Round 18M


PC-Garden Bunny 10" x 10" 18M


PC-Grey Bunny 6.5" x 7" 13M


PC-Happy Spring Train Engine 18M


PC-Herend Inspired Fishnet Crouching Bunny Blue w/Red Bow 18M 10" x 9"


PC-Herend Inspired fishnet standing bunny-red w/blue bow 18M 11.5" Tall


PC-KCN Aqua with Chocolate Drops Bunny 18M


PC-KCN Butterfly Patterned Standing Hare 18M


PC-Lana the Bun 5"x4" 18M


PC-Mini Herend Blue/Gold OM-147


PC-Provence White Rabbit 4" x 4" 18M


PC-Rabbit Sampler 18M


PC-Spring Bunny Tag


PC-Spring Bunny Tag Pink


PC-Spring Gathering 14" x 8" 18M


PC-Sunflower Bunny 8" Tall 18M


PC-The Bunny Couple 10" x 8" 18M


PC-Violet Bunny 18M


PC-White Rabbit behind Flowers 18M


PC3829 KR-pl-03 Kelly Rightsell