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Chandail Needlework
2400 Mid Lane #340
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 524-6942

Upcoming Classes

Weekly Class with Saira

Cost: $ 30

Sign up for the Saira's classes here! If you are signing up for more than one day, please purchase all class days at the same time and not as individual transactions. The system will not process back-to-back same-amount transactions. Thank you! Starting in May 2023, the structure of Saira's classes will be changing. To better assist students and for Saira to give her undivided attention to teaching the class, we will be closing the shop during class hours. Due to this change, the cost of class will be $30. We hope this will result in giving students more 1-on-1 time with Saira, and be more beneficial to their stitching!

Three Day Embellishment Workshop with Tony Minieri Nov17th - 19th

Cost: $ 425

Tony will write a spectacular, personalized stitch guide just for you! Your very own canvas will be sent to Tony. From it, he will develop a unique stitch guide filled with fabulous patterns and creative techniques. Fantastic thread and embellishment choices will also be incorporated. Please Note: Your canvas must be in-hand at the shop 4 months prior to class time. Canvas must be purchased through Chandail. Kit Fee: Based on Tony's stitch guide and his thread list. $250.00 deposit required at time of sign up.