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Chandail Needlework
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Houston, TX 77027
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Painted Canvas > Handbags
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PC-Bag Strap Blue Cane 14M


PC-Damask Tote 13M 4PCS


PC-Envelope Clutch w/Sides PUCCI inspired Patchwork 14M


PC-French Blue Pagoda Print Clutch 14M


PC-Green and Teal Palette w/Zebra print Belt/Handbag Strap 18M


PC-Handbag Strap Exotic 2.5" x 47" 18M


PC-Handbag Strap Chartreuse/Orange/Turquoise with Peacock feathers 13M


PC-Handbag Strap in Gray/Black/Gold/Pinks/Turquoise 14M


PC-Handbag Strap in Reds/Oranges and Chartreuse 14M


PC-Handbag Strap in Warm Summer Colors 14M


PC-Handbag Straps Peacock Feather 18M 2.5" x 47"


PC-Mopsey Bargello Purse Strap 18M


PC-Navy/Gold Pagoda Print Clutch 14M


PC-Ombre Triangles Blue Small Flat 18M SF-01B


PC-Trifold Clutch 18M


PC-Y Pattern Front and Back Blue w/Monogram 13M