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Chandail Needlework
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Walker Bags

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Walker00008MC-B 9x12 triple zip case Blue/Aqua/Green


Walker00008MC-H 9x12 triple zip case Blue/purple/aqua


Walker00008MC-K 9x12 Triple Zip Case Blue/Mint/Purple


Walker02424MCH35-25 23x23 Double zipper w/handle Orange/Fuchsia


Walker02424MCH60-55 23x23 double zipper w/handle Blue/Aqua


Walker02424MCH80-55 23x23 Double zipper w/handle Purple/Aqua


Walker074CMZ-Aqua (18x17)


Walker074CMZ-Blue (18x17)


Walker074CMZ-Fuchsia (18x17)


Walker1114MC-A 11x14 triple zip case FU/OR/YEL


Walker1114MC-B 11x14 Triple zip Case Blu-Aqua-Green


Walker1114MC-G 11x14 triple zip case Lilac/FU/Pink


Walker1118MCH-A 18" zip Case w/Handle FU/OR/YEL


Walker1118MCH-B 18" zip Case w/handle Blue/Aqua/Green


Walker1118MCH-K 18" zip casew/handle Blue/Mint/Purple


Walker13x18 triple zip case Blue/Mint/Purple


Walker13x18MCT-B triple zip case BLU/Aqua/Green


Walker13x18MCTH-A triple zip w/handle FU-OR-YEL


Walker13x18MCTH-B triple zip with handle BLU-AQ-GRN


Walker13x18MCTH-C triple zip w/handle YEL-MNT-AQU


Walker13x18MCTH-K triple zip w/handle BLU-MNT-PUR