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Chandail Needlework
2400 Mid Lane #340
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 524-6942


Accessories > Magnets
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KC-MAG-207 Blue Rhinoceros


Magenta-KCN Butterfly White Diamond


Magnet -Christ mas Cookie MJ


Magnet KCN Pineapple with Emerald and Pearl


Magnet Mag Friends Asian Fan w/Jewels


Magnet- Mag Friends Cross Gold


Magnet- Mag Friends Donald Duck


Magnet- Mag Friends Keep Calm and Stitch On


Magnet- Mag Friends Sally


Magnet- Pink Daisy with Bee


Magnet-Air Balloon


Magnet-Bar Cart




magnet-Bee w/Crystal Wings


Magnet-Black Cat on Red Heart


Magnet-Black/White Jeweled Snail


Magnet-Black/White Lighthouse


Magnet-Blue Bug


Magnet-Blue Dragonfly


Magnet-Blue Tequila Cart


Magnet-Blue Whale


Magnet-Boy Gingerbread


Magnet-But First Cocktails


Magnet-Butterfly in Pink/Green


Magnet-Cake Mixer Orange




Magnet-CH Cardinal


Magnet-Charcuterie Board


Magnet-Christmas Cookies


Magnet-Christmas Cup


Magnet-Christmas Cupcake with Snowman


Magnet-Christmas Flamingo


Magnet-Christmas Sleigh


Magnet-Christmas Stocking Green


Magnet-Cobalt Bedazzled Snail


Magnet-Cookies n Milk for Santa


Magnet-Dallas DAL




Magnet-Dressed for Christmas




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