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Chandail Needlework
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Laying Tools

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Layiing Tool-Luis Black with Checker Square Bead


Laying Tool (quail)


Laying Tool and Fob Sets (Murano Beads)


Laying Tool Elizabethan


Laying Tool- Stiletto


Laying Tool-Acrylic Cased with BLT tip


Laying Tool-Acrylic Harlequin with Wooden Tip


Laying Tool-Amber


Laying Tool-BLT


Laying Tool-Bronze


Laying Tool-Burgundy


Laying Tool-Holstein


Laying Tool-IHN Metal


Laying Tool-Lilac


Laying Tool-LTW


Laying Tool-LTW with Wristlet


Laying Tool-Luis Black and Silver Ornate


Laying Tool-Luis Bronze and Gold


Laying Tool-Luis Topaz Blown Glass Beads


Laying Tool-Luis Yellow Gold


Laying Tool-MLTW


Laying Tool-Murano Glass


Laying Tool-Onyx


Laying Tool-Onyx w/Square Bead


Laying Tool-Peridot


Laying Tool-Siam


Laying Tool-Trolley


Laying Tool-Turquoise


Laying Tool-Unique Mini (RG)


Laying Tool-Unique Ribbon(RG)


ML-Laying Tool with Needle Minder


ML-Laying Tool with Rings


Murano Glass Laying Tool and Fob Set


Quill Laying Tool


Sandy's Large Laying Tool


Sandy's Ribbon Laying Tool


Sandy's Small Color Laying Tool


VW-Mini Laying Tool


Laying Tool - Quail Beaded Handle


Laying Tool-Acrylic Harlequin Mini Laying Tool 4.5"


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